JB Mobile Marine LLC


We CLosed The shop on 1909 Taylor's lane and are Mobile service only at this time. The service area is limited to a 50 mile range. We don't take any new Customers and no more havey lifting jop's



Our mobile marine service is your best source for quick and reliable repair of your boat and trailer

We care about your safety and will save you money and time. We offer unbeatable prices, reliable experience, and efficient service while providing onsite service where ever your boat may be. So there are no worries about finding a way to get your boat or trailer to a technician, we will come to you.

Labor Rate 2022

$130.00 per hour

Service call

25 mi55.00

35 mi65.00

45 mi75.00

Over 45 miles Hourly Rate

Water pump Outboard $180.00 plus parts

Water pump I/O 250.00 plus parts

Bellow service

$340 Labor Bellows $170.00 G-Bearing $100.00 Shift cable $120.00 Trim Sender 120.00 ($850.00)

Drive service Pull and check G- Bearing and U-joints $175.00


I/O no oil change $175.00

I/O with oil change

4 cylinder 400.00

6&8 cylinder 480.00

Outboard 2 stroke

Small under 30 HP 100.00

Big Carbureted 150.00

Big EFI 210.00

Outboard 4 Stroke

No oil change 150.00

Oil changed up to 30HP $200.00 / 30 to 90 $260.00 / over 90 $310.00

A/C $90.00

Fresh water $70.00

Hot water $70.00

Shrink Wrap up to 21’ $20.00 over 21’ $22.00 Hart Top or Arch $24.00